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East Coast Has The First Beer With Protein

East Coast is home to the worlds strongest beer. Or might I say Leanest? How so. A small Start up from Maryland is launching the first ever protein fortified beer and Maryland gets to be the host State. National Pro Beer a lean start up company started by once 21 year old Frost Anderson now 23 has been working on the Maryland craft beer project for over 4 years.

“I wanted to create a beer that exemplifies what we need in a beer and challenges people to RETHINK BEER entirely. Our Protein beer packs 15 grams of protein in a 16oz can to give you a light refreshing cold one while supplementing your body with proteins and amino acids after your hard work.”

While finding the craft beer scene diluted and non inclusive to everyday folks Frost Anderson set out to break away from the hipster hop clubs and quite chuckling at “daves piss beer”. He believes that beer isn't supposed to be exclusive, and that a health beer might be the beer to bridge that gap. National Pro seeks to be the beer for those who work hard whether on site or in the boardroom, whether in the gym, or at the game your beer should match your hard work, and with 15 grams of protein National Pro fits the bill.

“I didn't want to be the anti-craft beer but let's face it the word “light” is blasphemy in the craft beer space, but it is something we can all enjoy. I really don't care whether you get hints of caramel and honey with our exquisite mixture of hops we did the work now just sit back and enjoy the beer with your buddies”

Protein Beer National Pro is brewed to perfection on the line
National Pro Beer ready to be boxed up

This market has seen so much change, all beers have just lost any appeal. How many times and different flavors of beer do you have to go through just have your favorites cycled out the next month? Allow National Pro to be your rock. As the first ever differentiated craft beer in a long time, giving beer drinkers a taste of innovation and replenishment National Pro seeks to stay.

Its all in the slogan “Rethink Beer” a first of its kind letting protein beer drinkers choose to have a beer that holds its own weight in protein, and is refreshing to. So for those East Coast I urge you to go onto to get your own taste of innovation and join the revolution in brewing with National Pro!

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