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National Pro First Beer Tasting!

Come to Total Wine & More on April 4th at 12-3pm for the first tasting of National Pro’s Protein Beer at 3335 Corridor Marketplace in Laurel, MD, 20724

15 grams of protein in beer not only gives fitness conscience individuals the chance to opt for a protein fortified cold one, but also gives craft brew lovers the chance to try a truly one of a kind beer. Cult craft brew followers note that this is a true craft brew with years of perfecting the recipe. National Pro’s pale ale features premium caramel and toasted malt flavors, as well as non-gmo protein. The hoppiness is noticeable, but relatively mild. Light tasting refreshing beer with a distinct influence from the English ales. This protein beer has the perfect effervesces and finishing flavor notes for superior drinkability. It is a beer truly crafted for the active lifestyle.

After 4 years of working, perfecting, and pushing through the federal and state government over adding protein to beer National Pro boasts the only high protein beer approved by the FDA. Come into Total Wine & More and pick up a 4 pack!

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