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What Is Protein Beer

For centuries beer has been only subjected to change through additions, styles, and ingredients, but no one has ever changed the composition. Protein Beer allows beer drinkers to indulge in their favorite beer and not have to feel guilty about taking in empty calories. National Pro's Protein Beer is light and refreshing and packs 15g of premium non-gmo organic protein into each can. 

Benefits of Protein Beer

The amount of protein you consume is an essential part of any athletic or weight training exercise routine. In the world of physical fitness what you put in your body is equally if not more important than what you put your body through. Protein helps muscle growth and recovery. When you mix protein and beer are there clear benefits? For the average beer drinker yes. Drinking alcohol decreases your body's ability to synthesize protein thus build muscle, so for those fitness-bound beer drinkers having a beer fortified with protein not only increases protein intake but is a much better alternative than your standard light beer or carb-loaded craft beer.

National Pro's Protein Beer

National Pro Beer is fortified with 15g of protein to aid in muscle growth, strength, and recovery. This post-workout beverage is unlike any other, allowing athletes to recover while they relax.  

“National Pro is the only beer brewed for those who live actively. When developing the beer, we wanted something you didn't feel guilty drinking after a workout, This beer provides the lift you need after a hard day's work. The world is filled with athletes giving up a brewski, to excel. But here at National Pro, athletic prowess, and the love for a cold one, coexist as one” 

No other beer company is providing a beer for those who work hard and live actively. National Pro is challenging consumers “what can your beer do for you?”. Beer is an ancient beverage and until now has had limited innovation or ground breaking results. Consumers no longer have to browse through beers that all carry the same outcome. National Pro is changing beer as we know it. Why indulge in a beer that leaves your stomach full, when you could have a beer that leaves your muscles full.

National Pro’s pale ale features premium caramel and toasted malt flavors. The hoppiness is noticeable, but relatively mild. Light tasting refreshing beer with a distinct influence from the English ales. This protein beer has the perfect effervesces and finishing flavor notes for superior drinkability. It is a beer truly crafted for the active lifestyle.

A True Craft Beer


ABV 5.00%

IBU 22



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